Tuesday, 6 November 2007

How To Get A FREE Rapidshare Premium Account:

OK... So We All Want A FREE Rapidshare Premium Account! I Will Show You How You Can Easily Get One For Free By Just Following A Few Easy Steps.. Getting A Free RS Account Seems To Be The 'Holy Grail' For Many Internet Users & The Truth Is Getting One For FREE Is Very Very Rare Unless You EARN Your FREE Account. Some Users Give Out Their Account No's & Passwords But These Are Quickly Changed As Soon As They Are Shared! You May Also Have Downloaded Files From Rapidshare That Promise To Have Accounts For FREE But 99.9% Of The Time These Are Scams Just To Get You To Download A RS Link To Top Up Their Collectors Points. Other 'FREE Rapidshare Account' Sites Will Get You To Sign Up To Various Offers Like 'Screen Saver' Sites That Almost Always Have Trojans & Viruses Attached. Other Sites Ask You To Complete A Ridiculous Amount Of Sign-Up Offers To Get Only A 3 Month RS Account.

To Summarize - You Need To Put Something In To Get Something Out. i.e: If You Sign Up To The Sites Below (All Are 100% FREE To Join - They Will NEVER Ask You For Money)- You Can Earn Unimited Funds (So Far I Have Earned A Total Of £257 or $500 From All The Sites Below In Total - Just For Surfing, Completing Surveys, Testing Products & Viewing 30 Second Ads!) All In Less Than 2 Months. This Has Also Helped Me Purchase Items Via Paypal From eBay etc As Well As 12 Month Premium Rapidshare Accounts I Now Own.

Please Remember I Am Here To Help You Obtain Your RS Account. If You Have Any Questions Whatsoever Please Contact Me Via The Chat Function Or Leave A Comment.

If You Follow My Easy Steps Below, Like I Did, I GUARANTEE You Will Have Your Very Own Rapidshare Premium Account(s) Like Me.

1) Sign Up For Paypal & Alertpay Accounts - (Premier or Business for each) It is best to have both as some sites accept either or Paypal or a Alertpay. Click Banners Below:

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

As I mentioned before two posts ago I am now only conentrating on sites that have a proven track record & are 100% reliable. There have been far too many scams in this industry & after a while getting scammed over & over again gets very tiresome & highly irritating I am now going to be focusing all my efforts into offering you paid online oppurtunities but taking the focus off the PTC industry. I can honestly say that out of all the sites I am a member of I can only trust a very small handful. I think in the next few years only a few of the big-boys will be left as there are so many dubious sites popping up on a daily basis. It's a real shame all the young pretenders spoil it for the legitimate earning programs.

The earning websites that I do recommend are listed below (& won't run off with your hard earned cash) are:

Linkbucks is great, in fact you do not have to do anythng other than add some code to your blog or website. You get cash every time someone visits your blog or site. This is easy to implement just before the 'head' tag of your html. You can also earn by refering others to the site (3 levels deep!) You get 20% of your first tier referals earnings, 10% for level two & 2% for level 3 so earning potential is endless. The great thing about Linkbucks is the earning are completely passive you don't have to click ads on adaily basis or do anythhing other than put a small piece of code on your site. You get paid more if you have more visitors to your blog so getting visitors is the key to earning quickly. Or failing that getting lots of refs that you can directly earn from. Give linksbucks a try today.. Oh did I mention that minimum payout is only $5 & they pay you INSTANTLY after requesting (like NeoBux in that respect)

Neobux (INSTANT Payouts, Rent-A-Referall, + Much More. Alertpay & Paypal Accepted)

Do You Upload a lot of files? Then why not get paid every time someone downloads your stuff? Earn money from your word files, mp3, mpeg, powerpoint etc.

Get Paid For Your Tweets!

Launch viral advertising campaigns on Twitter with Magpie!

be-a-magpie.com is a company that will pay you to tweet. Basically all you have to do is tweet as normal & & through be-a-magpie.com they will add various trageted ads to your content that will match what you tweet about. So if you tweet about cars your ads will be about cars which will be a better click through rate as as a result more earnings. You can sign up to be-a-magpie.com for FREE HERE

LinkBucks.com (Every Time Someone Clicks on a Link on Your Blog or Website, You Get Paid. Also Receive Earnings from Your Referalls 3 levels Deep!)

Scour.com (Get paid to surf the Internet & comment on the results - Also get paid to refer others!)

6 Tips to Success & How To Earn More $'s:

1. Find 5-10 trusted sites that you can visit every day. Look for sites that have a consistent amount of ads every day and have a good history pf paying on time. Don't bother with sites that pay less than a penny per click.

2. Refer everyone you know to your downline. You can send direct links for friends & family or create a site like mine where they can sign up for the sites they like all in one place. Don't expect everyone to sign up right away but some may sign up later when they see you success.

Get More Traffic To Your Blog or Website Here

3. Use some of your revenue from PTC to advertise on the sites you use. Example: When I receive $20 or more via a PPC, I use that money to advertise this site. Remember in the business world you have to 'Speculate to Accumulate'

4. Help your downline recruit their own downline. This will help keep them motivated.

5. Keep clicking! After your downline gets big enough, you may feel you don't need to click anymore as your downline is doing all the work! But remember, you have an upline that is counting on your clicking every day and you should do you fair share of clicking. Don't get lazy! Every click counts.

6. Never give up! It takes time to develop a strong downline and sticking to it every day is the only way to achieve it.

"So, what if I don't want to join a PTC website? I'm fed up with them, what alternatives are there for me? what are the other oppurtunities to earn money online? Well, below you will find a list of all the other earning sites I have tested & been paid by. They range from Freelancing to PTS (Paid-To-Surf)"

This is a great site! based is Sweden this site offers LOADS of jobs for people that are good with a computer. Whether you are good designing banners with (gif, flash etc.) or are a good proof-reader they have new projects every day & the variety of oppurtunities is fantastic, there is something for everyone. You can also boost your earning there by getting 10% cut of anyone who you refers earnings so say you refer someone & they win a project for $200 you get $20 You can have the option of being paid by Their very own pre-paid debit card (issued by Payoneer the same people that supply Bux.to with their card) You can also get paid by Bank Transfer & Paypal. This site is very trustable & should not be associated with PTC - this is completely different & you can earn money very quickly depending on how bad you want the jobs they are offering. Sign up today!!

Gomez Peer
I have been using this for almost a year now, & this is probably the easiest way of earning money on the internet. You don't actually have to do anything! Let me explain.. with Gomez Peer you download a tiny piece of software to your PC (clean) and you literally get paid for your online time spent on the internet. Not everyone gets accepted into this program as they want peopel that spend quite a lot of time online. Once accepted you get sent 'work units' every few minutes or so. Every time you process these units you get paid. You also get $2 bonus for every active person you refer. this is the easiest way of earning 'passive' income on the internet I have come accross to date. (See screen shot at the top of this Blog for my earning so far in April 2008) Try it today FREE.

Do you use PhotoBucket, ImageShack, Putfile or another picture host I haven't mentioned? Well stop using them now! At Shareapic you get paid everytime someone views your pictures! This is great as you are allowed to put pics on Ebay, Facebook, MySpace to name just a few. You get $0.21 every 1000 views & you also get 10% of all your refs picture views so the earning possibilities here are literally endless. You are not allowed to upload porn, racial content or anything that most other picture hosts would not accept. You can however share pics of ladies for example in bikinis but no nudity is permitted to be shared here. Ditch your other pic host & start earning money from your pics today.

Been banned from Adsense? or looking for a alternative? want to monetize your blog or website(s)?? well, with WidgetBucks you can. All you need to do is put some HTML code on your blog or websites pages & you get paid everytime someone clicks on the ads. The ads widgets are very varied & cover most subjucts including Sport, Books, Electronics, Fashion, Accessories, Software, Adult just to name a few. If you want to boost your earning you can get 10% of all your refs earnings. To more people you can refer will really help top up your earnings. Ad Widgets are totally customable & you can choose the most popular banner sizes that suit your pages & you can choose the colour scheme to match your layout/design. These widgets are really eye-catching & have a good CTR (click through rate) due to the way they have been designed. They are also animated so you can be assured they get the attention they deserve from your visitors! Join WidgetBucks now!

Ever wondered where all those ads come from at Bux.to and many other PTC's? well a lot of their revenue is generated by ClickBank. ClickBank is basically a huge library stocked with digital products that you resell with full master resale rights. You can find anything to promote from here that would suit the theme & style of your website or blog. For instance I have a Football Blog & the other day when the Champions League Quarter Finals were being played I put a ClickBank ad on my Blog which was football related. I got $33 from just that one sale. Sometime you can make upto $250 from one sale at ClickBank it just depends on what product you are promoting. Join ClickBank today & start monetizing your blogs or websites.

ClickBank Update 31st August 2008:
I have earned over $400 this month alone from ClickBank See my earnings below:

ClickBank Update 7th September 2008:

I have now earned over $890 this month from ClickBank

Stay tuned for more reviews coming up very soon..

In the mean time I highly recommend the use of
RoboForm for the easy management & encryption of all your passwords. In this age of so many fraudulent sites & the use of key loggers & other viral software it's paramount your personal details are 100% safe The wide range of benefits of using RoboForm are listed below:

*Memorizes your passwords and Logs You In automatically.

*Fills long registration and checkout forms with one click.

*Encrypts your passwords to achieve complete security.

*Generates random passwords that hackers cannot guess.

*Backs up your passwords, Copies them between computers.

*Synchronizes passwords between computers using GoodSync.

*Searches for keywords in your passwords, notes and Internet.

*Portable: RoboForm2Go RF runs from USB key, no install needed.

*PDA-friendly: sync your passwords to Pocket PC and Palm.

*Neutral: works with Internet Explorer, AOL/MSN, Firefox.

*IE 7 and Vista: are now supported.

RoboForm: Learn more...

Sunday, 4 November 2007

FREE Music Downloads, Unlimited MP3 Music, Movies, Games, TV Shows & More !

I have just discovered a great new site called MP3Rocket where you get a great choice of Unlimited MP3 and Movie Downloads - No download or per song fees + there is an incredible 12 billion songs + from the largest download network on the internet. All your favorite songs and artists - find any song fast with the great search feature. Please take the time to check it out I promise you will not regret it!

OK Let's Go!

Saturday, 27 October 2007

MobillCash A REAL Alternative To Paypal - Pay With Your Mobile Phone

What Is MobillCash?

MobillCash is an alternative to credit cards and bank accounts to enable your customers to pay with their cell phone number. There is no set-up fee or transaction fees to the merchant, enabling merchants to keep 100% of their sales. MobillCash is a mobile payment system that allows over 500 million mobile phone users in 15 countries to simply enter their mobile phone number in the MobillCash billing form and purchase your products or services. The customer will be billed by the mobile phone carrier. No Credit Card, Bank Account or ID required.

Customers who could never purchase from you before, those without cash, credit cards, bank accounts or those who don't want to enter personal or financial information on your website can now simply enter their mobile phone number and their mobile carrier will bill them.There are more people with cell phones than people with credit cards or bank accounts. These are typically people who won't or don't have the ability to purchase any other way, but want your product or service.This is perfect for ebook, info and digital product sales, membership and subscription fees, and those micropayments that used to get eaten up by fees.There are no fees, nothing to buy, no risk. How much money can you save?You can be set up in ten minutes. MobillCash just launched in US, Canada, Australia, and has been in Europe for 5 years.

More Information Here:

MobillCash Merchant Signup

How Can I Benefit From MobillCash?
Can I Make Money? - YES!

MobillCash Affiliate Marketing - MobillCash is one of the best products available for affiliate compensations available world wide.

* It's easy
* It helps merchants make more money
* It will earn you a lot of money.

Marketers - Keep 100% of your sales - no setup or transaction fees!
Increase sales 20 - 30% to people without credit cards or bank accounts with no more cost or effort! Stop leaving money on the table!

What type of products can a Merchant sell with MobillCash?

The short answer is about anything within the limits of the mobile carriers.
The reality is with the guaranteed payments taking around 60 days to reach merchants, many merchants selling membership programs, services or digital media (see below).

We have found that once a merchant understands that MobillCash allows them to sell to new customers that had no other way to purchase from them, and the payment is guaranteed that they gladly accept the increased revenues, without the risks associated with other payment options.

Digital Media includes:

* Monthly, Weekly and Daily Membership programs
* Recurring and one-time charges
* Services
* Digital Media of all types:
* Computer-generated text
* (E-Books, White Papers, Documents),
* Graphics
* Animations
* Photographs
* Sound (Audio / Music),
* Video
* Software Programs,
* Online Games
* And Much Much More...

Sign Up To Be A Merchant:

MobillCash Merchant Signup

Sign Up To Be A Affiliate:

MobillCash Merchant Signup

Tuesday, 9 October 2007


Here is a great programme I found on the net. You can basically rip any CD you have at home & make your own MP3's for backup purposes only of course...

You can rip from 16 upto 320 kbps so this is great especially for FREE!!

I have used this software now for over 3 weeks & it's been great, I strongly recommend it & most imporatntly there is no spyware or anything malicious & it works great!

It also tags all tracks, CD title, genre etc. so your converted tracks are nicely tagged for your ipod, phone or mp3 player etc.


How To Get a Free Xbox 360

Simply complete one (1) offer (includes free trails) get 9 friends
to do the same, you have your FREE Xbox 360 If you don't fancy that
for a measly 2 referalls + their completion of one offer each, get yourself a free ipod shuffle (2nd gen)


Thursday, 4 October 2007

How To Get A FREE Premium Rapidshare Account

OK... So We All Want A FREE Rapidshare Premium Account! I Will Show You How You Can Easily Get One For Free By Just Following A Few Easy Steps.

1) Sign Up For A FREE Alertpay Account (click banner below)

2) Sign Up For A Alertpay Premier or Business Account.

3) After Creating Alertpay Account Go To These Sites: (Try using different passwords for different sites) Try Signing Up To All Of Them. TIP: The More Sites You Sign Up To, The Quicker You Will Be Able To Afford Your FREE Rapidshare Premium Account.


(Get Paid To Leave Your PC on! - It's That Simple - Check Out This Months Earnings Below)

IsabelMarco's Money-Maker *Now Paying With Alertpay*
(Get Paid To Click $0.01 Ads Minimum of 20 Ads For Free Members!)
IsabelMarco Payment Proofs April 7th 2008:

(Get Paid For Your Opinion - One Of The Best FREE Survey Sites $60 Paid So Far)

Ciao Surveys
(Get Paid To Take Surveys & TEST PRODUCTS AT HOME)

(Get paid To Click Ads & COMPLETE FREE OFFERS)

I Request All Of You Not To Remove My Referral ID. If You Do I Won't Be Able To Help You In Any Way. Please Let It Be As It Is. It Is Not Gonna Hurt You.
Better Sign Up For All Because These Are The Best Online Payout Sites On The Internet.

4) Sign Up There And When You Reach Payout Limit, Ask For A Payout (To Your Paypal).

5) When You Receive The Payment Go to Rapidshare.com And Buy An Account With Your Pay Pal Account.

6) This Money Can Also Be Used For Online Shoping Purposes.

When I Read This First I Thought "This Is Crap" But Now I Own A Rapidshare's Premium Account In Only A Few Weeks...

Still Don't Believe This?? Well, Here's Some Proof...





Wednesday, 3 October 2007


Ian Brown - The World Is Yours (2007)
PJ Harvey - White Chalk (2007)
Ryandan - Ryandan (2007)
Jose Gonzalez - In Our Nature (2007)
React Test Nine - Various (1998)
The Ganja Kru - Darklight (2002)
Andy C - Nightlife (2003)
Dido - No Angel (2001)

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Monday, 1 October 2007


Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head (2002)
Moby - Play (1999)
The Ultimate Drum & Bass Album Part II - Various (1995)
Hip Hop Don't Stop 3 - Various (1998)
Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (2007)
Jamelia - Superstar The Hits (2007)
Gwen Stefani - Love Angel Music Baby (2004)
The Chemical Brothers - Surrender (1999)
Blur - 13 (1999)

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